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Pass Plus

The PASS PLUS course can be completed in one full day. Complete training costs 120

PASS PLUS is a six syllabus training course with no exam at the end

  1. Town driving

  2. All-weather driving

  3. Out of town driving & rural roads

  4. Night driving

  5. Dual carriageway

  6. Motorways

PASS PLUS is a voluntary scheme that offers benefits to:-

  • newly qualified car drivers - safer driving and discounted motor insurance

  • instructors - opportunity to help newly qualified drivers develop their skills and knowledge

  • insurers - fewer claims and less expenditure

  • the general public - safer roads.


The key elements are:-


  • a syllabus designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) with input from the driving instruction industry

  • a structured, competence-based training program delivered by suitably graded Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs)

  • discounts available from participating insurance companies

  • the support of the driving instruction and insurance industries.


PASS PLUS is a six-module training syllabus designed by DSA to develop the skills and knowledge of newly qualified drivers and broaden their driving experience.

Modules will not all take the same amount of time to cover, but each course must consist of a minimum of six hours training, five and a half of which must be practical in-car driving sessions.

This does not necessarily mean six sessions - the number of sessions required will depend on the ability and progress of the individual pupil.

The aim of PASS PLUS is to enable the new driver to:-

  • develop their existing skills

  • acquire the new skills and knowledge that make up positive driving

  • further develop anticipation skills, plan for and deal with hazards safely

  • understand how to reduce their risk of having a crash

  • maintain a courteous and considerate attitude to other road users.

if a new driver feels nervous driving on their own, PASS PLUS can also help to boost their confidence.

PASS PLUS offers new drivers financial incentives to develop the skills for safer driving.





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